the octane node

This is the Octane simplex node. This device houses an internal Repeater Builder sound card and can be used on any existing Raspberry Pi or computer. With all the components inside the radio, this makes this unit extremely portable. The factory battery is still utilized and programming ports are functional. This is considered a permanent modification that can not be undone.

This product is for the users who already own a Raspberry Pi or compatible computer

As seen in this close up view, the lights inside from the Repeater Builder sound card. This is setup this way so you can see all 3 status lights through the speaker grate.

From the side you can see that the USB cable comes out below the kenwood style programming ports to allow the radio to be reprogrammed with ease.

As you can see, from a more straight on view, the lights internally become less visible. This is designed to be more discrete and less of a distraction.

the octane

plug & play

This is the final product. The only visible difference to appearance is the USB cable extending from the connector port. All features of this radio will still work properly, however, some of the internal components had to be removed for modification such as the speaker and microphone. With that said, this radio will not easily be able to be converted back to a working 2 way radio. This is considered a permanent modification that can not be undone.


This is a simple modification that I perform to add a USB pigtail to the battery to allow USB charging. This is a recommended addition to the Octane Simplex Node. This can be plugged into any USB port for constant charging of the battery. The charge controller is built into the case of the battery for compact design and has no affect on the fitment of the battery to the radio. This battery can no longer be charged with the desktop charger and the modification is considered permanent and can not be undone.

This is an Add-On to the Original Octane Simplex Node

If you have your own hardware "simplex node or repeater" and would like to link with us, please email WRCS605@gmail.com for information. At this time we are not looking to merge with any other networks or groups, just single users.